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Fellow Homeowners,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family doing well and getting ready for the holidays.

This year was a very busy and eventful year at One Ocean Place and for all oceanfront complexes along the US coasts. The storms and hurricanes shed a new light on aging residential complexes, especially along the coast. The tragedy in Florida prompted local governments and the insurance industry to look at oceanfront building risks in a new light.  The board wants all owners to be aware that we are addressing these issues and will be sharing our findings with you.

We hired a structural engineer this year to examine and assess our building. The examination is being done in phases. The engineer examined our spa rooms, walkways, elevators, staircases, along with the outer façade. Concrete decking and steel framing were identified as needing to be repaired or replaced. He advised adding structural beams to reinforce the slab for the new generator.  Most of the concrete work has been completed and the steel work is in progress. The spas are currently shut down to accommodate the concrete work.  He will be inspecting the balconies sometime in December to complete his inspection.

In 2022 the board started an ambitious project list that will be completed by 2022/2023.

  1. First and foremost is the creation of our new website (net) which I ask every owner to visit and familiarize yourself with as it has all HOA documents and a lot of other information. All building updates and notifications are posted there along with email blasts.  It also gives you the ability to ask the board any questions or make suggestions.
  2. We are replacing our emergency generator this year. This is no small task. It will take about 10 months from when the generator was ordered, until the old generator is removed, and the new one is in place, and all the required concrete work, steelwork, and electrical tie-ins are complete.
  3. Another project is replacing all the decking and substructure of the beach crossover, and the walkway between the pools with Treks to withstand the elements better.
  4. We replaced one of the stairways on the roof to the elevator room with rust resistant aluminum to give it a longer replacement life.
  5. We have a new elliptical machine in our gym.
  6. There are new cabinets in the owner’s lounge where the bookshelves and TV are located.
  7. We also started replacing the outside facade on our building which we initiated last year by adding the funds to our budget. We will be replacing 1200 ft.² of the outside wall envelope of the building.
  8. We are replacing all mailboxes and will be putting into place a gate locking system for pool and beach access.
  9. We are repairing/replacing the worn-out lounge chairs and tables around the pools.
  10. The rusted shopping & luggage carts are being replaced.

This year our maintenance staff took on a lot of major projects that typically would have been outsourced and did a fabulous job.

  1. We adopted a new silicone based waterproofing system for the building this year. Jonathan was instructed by our contractor on how to prep and apply the product. Hence, our staff has been waterproofing walkway walls and basement columns and walls. The street side walkway on the North Tower has been waterproofed and the South Tower is in They have waterproofed about 47,000 ft.². in total. This saved OOP owners approx. $70,000, as opposed to having an outside contractor perform the work.
  2. They also painted our stairwell steps in both towers and installed emergency lighting in both tower stairways.
  3. The filter sand in both the North and South pools was changed.
  4. The North spa room has been totally updated with new electric by Melton Electric and our staff has updated piping, pumps, heaters and the chemical delivery system. The South spa room is also being updated this

We have also been busy with our finances. It was a challenge to make sure that we negotiated contracts for the 2023 Budget to ensure that it provides the needed services & improvements, while incurring an increase of only 3.07% during a time period of inflation (8.9%) that is hitting us in almost all areas.

Board of Directors


Meetings Calendar:

Annual HOA meeting is scheduled for November 11, 2023.  The location of the meeting is the Parish Center at St Michael's Catholic Church, 542 Cypress Avenue, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

Buildings Work Schedule:

Fellow Homeowners:

The Board is happy to announce the new mailboxes are installed. The Postmaster will be installing the Postmaster locks later this week. So, this notice is to inform owners when they are at One Ocean Place to see Jonathan (on-site maintenance) to receive their key for the new mailbox. You will need to show ID and sign a receipt to receive your keys. You will have the same mailbox number as the previous mailbox.  The Association does not retain copies of mailbox keys.  If keys are lost, you would only be able to get a replacement from the postmaster.

Board of Directors



One Ocean Place Notices:

  1. The Board wants to make the homeownership aware of a street renewal project for Waccamaw Dr.  The Garden City Streetscape Project is an initiative by the Horry County Government to create a vision for improvements to Waccamaw Drive and Atlantic Avenue in Garden City.  You can visit the website for this project at to give to your opinions and/or suggestions to the County.  The Board attended this preliminary meeting at the Inlet Square Mall and will be attending future meetings
  2. Check out this link to see the notice on the Fire Works free zone:
  3. Hello One Ocean Place Owners:At the September 22, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, it was decided to rescind the exchange list for storage lockers and reserved parking spaces.Owners are now allowed to swap storage lockers or reserved parking spaces with each other, as long as both parties agree to the swap.  Prior to the swap, Waccamaw Management must be notified by email of the change, giving both parties names, unit numbers and referencing storage locker numbers or reserved parking space numbers so that new contracts can be drawn reflecting the change.Emails should be sent to Janine Victor at  [email protected] 
  4. The reserved parking list and the storage room waiting list is located under Minutes and Other Documents

Thank you,

From the Board of Directors

Waccamaw Management

Managing Agent

Storm Building Status:

We are glad to report that One Ocean Place sustained no damages from Hurricane Ina.  The Board highly recommends that each owner inspect or have their management company inspect their unit for any water intrusion.

Events Calendar:


There are currently no events posted